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Legal Information Read carefully before accessing site contents. The information presented in the pages of this site must not be regarded as an offer or a solicitation for the subscription of any kind of investment or investment fund considered here, by anyone in any state in which such an offer or solicitation is against the law or in which the parties proceeding with the offer or solicitation are not duly authorized to do so, or finally by persons to whom it is prohibited to direct such an offer or solicitation. This document provides important indications on the DIADEMA™ INTERNATIONAL FUNDS umbrella fund and its single sub-funds, and on limitations on its distribution and on the states in which its sale is authorized. Investors must seek information and respect the laws and regulations applicable in their country of residence. The funds described here may not be distributed in the United States of America and may not be invested in by United States citizens. Units are not recognized for the purposes of the US Securities Act of 1933 and subsequent amendments (“Securities Act”). With the exception of operations that do not breach the Securities Act or other US laws with regard to securities (including, without limitation, the laws of the single states of the United States of America), these units may therefore be neither offered not sold, either directly or indirectly, in the USA, in the territories or possessions of the same, or in areas subject to the jurisdiction of the United States of America, either to or to the benefit of United States citizens. The funds described have not been and will not be authorized for distribution to the public in Canada, since no Informative Prospectus regarding these funds has been registered with a control commission for securities and transactions or with any other supervisory authority in Canada or in any of its provinces or territories. This website does not constitute, and under no circumstances may it be considered to be, a form of advertising or any other form of the public offer of shares in Canada. No Canadian resident under the terms of the Income Tax Act (Canada) may buy or accept a transfer of shares in the funds described unless any such person is authorized to conduct such operations pursuant to applicable legislation in Canada or in any of its provinces. Requests for investments in the funds referred to on this site may be presented only after having read the respective document of offer (Informative Prospectus and other documents containing the terms and conditions of investment). To comply with laws against money laundering, on the presentation of the investment request the investor may be required to provide additional identification documents. Details on these rules are given in the Informative Prospectus or in legal documents regarding the investment. For any doubts regarding the information provided, you are advised to consult your financial consultant or a legal consultant. The information given in this site is protected by copyright, and may not be reproduced, copied or distributed, either wholly or partially. All rights reserved. European and Global Investments Limited considers in good faith that the information given in the site is correct. European and Global Investments Limited does not however provide any kind of guarantee, either explicit or implicit, on the accuracy or completeness of this information, and the data deriving from the same may therefore not be considered to be either accurate or complete. European and Global Investments Limited may not be held in any way liable for losses or damages deriving from use of the information provided here, including, without limitation, the loss of profits or any other direct or consequential damages. The information published in this site may not be construed as representing consultancy on investments or regarding fiscal, legal or other matters. Should European and Global Investments Limited be the subject of a request for compensation from a third party regarding the use of this website by a user, the user undertakes to fully reimburse European and Global Investments Limited for all and any losses, costs, lawsuits, proceedings, claims, damages, expenses (including reasonable legal costs and expenses) or assumption of liability directly incurred or sustained by European and Global Investments Limited as a consequence of the improper use of this website by the user. Neither of the two parties shall be held liable with respect to the other party for any loss or damage whatsoever that may be incurred or sustained by the other for motives beyond the reasonable control of that party, including, without limitation, the interruption of electrical power supplies. Users acknowledge and accept that they are obliged to protect and maintain confidential any password assigned by ourselves to them and to their authorized employees, and to ensure that any such password shall not be disclosed in the public domain. Should persons other than a user or their authorized employees become aware of any such password, the user undertakes to immediately change the password or passwords in question, using the specific function provided for this purpose on the website. A number of links in the following pages lead to sites external to European and Global Investments Limited. European and Global Investments Limited has not subjected these sites to verification, and neither may it be held liable for the contents of these sites, or for any services or products offered therein. Past performance is not an indicator of similar yields in the future. The value of investments and returns from the same may be subject to fluctuations, and are not guaranteed. It is possible that the sums invested may not be recouped. The value of investments is also subject to variations due to changes in exchange rates. The value of investments may fall unexpectedly and in a consistent manner. Before subscribing read the Informative Prospectus. The opinions expressed in this site do not constitute investment consultancy or any other form of consultancy. All research available on the pages of this site has been prepared by European and Global Investments Limited for its own purposes. This site was created and is maintained by DIADEMA CAPITAL ADVISORS SA of Geneva for European and Global Investments Limited - Pembroke House, 28-32 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2, D02 EK84, Ireland . The entire website and in particular its images, logos, charts, figures, photographs and downloadable documents are protected by local and international intellectual property and copyright laws. Furthermore, some names, logos and trademarks appearing on our site are registered trademarks and are protected by third-party intellectual property rights. The total or partial reproduction or representation of this website on media of any kind whatsoever is therefore formally prohibited, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the publisher or with such third parties. DIADEMA™ INTERNATIONAL FUNDS is a business name of European and Global Investments Limited. DIADEMA™ INTERNATIONAL FUNDS is a trademark of European and Global Investments Limited that is currently being registered. Copyright ©DIADEMA™ INTERNATIONAL FUNDS. All rights reserved. .

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